Patient and Family testimonials


It began Wednesday, March 23, 2016 around 3:00 a.m. When the first responders arrived, they immediately knew that Daddy had a stroke. AirEvac was called in and he was airlifted from Neweilton, LA to University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS. About 10 minutes outside of Jackson, MS his sats began to drop rapidly and the paramedic had to intubate him. On our way to Jackson, the surgeon called. They administered a shot to reverse the stroke but it didn't work. The surgeon called and requested permission to perform surgery. The doctor said that it would be a 50% chance that he would not survive the surgery. Surgeons removed two blood clots from his brain. The blood flow to the entire right side of his brain had been completely closed off. He survived the surgery but the left side of his body was paralyzed. He was on full ventilator support. His left lung collapsed and he had to have a tracheostomy on April 5, 2016. During this time he could respond to us some. On April 6, 2016 he was transferred to Regency in Jackson, MS. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia as well as four other infections. He became unresponsive. He was diagnosed with sepsis. On four different occasions we were told that he was not expected to make it. On April 23, 2016, we were told that his stroke had extended. On May 10, 2016, we were given the devastating news of he was expected to remain in a vegetative state. We were told that he did know when we came in and out of the room. The prognosis was that he would never be able to walk or ever go home. At best, his diagnosis was that he could possibly be weaned from the ventilator; but he was not expected to ever have the trachea removed. At one point we were encouraged to consider removing him from life support. When the time arrived that he would have to be transferred to another facility, we prayed that God's will would be done regarding where he would be sent. On May 12, 2016, he was transferred to Franklin County Memorial Hospital. We arrived in Meadville heartbroken and full of fear with only our faith in God still intact. He was completely dependent on ventilator support and was unresponsive. It was the most difficult situation our family had ever faced together. It seemed that our dad was lost to us. We were so accustomed to his larger than life personality, his ability to make everyone laugh and his own unique way of truly loving and making everyone feel special. The void was greater than we can put into words. When we arrived at the hospital, the staff immediately began working with him. We began to see improvement in just a few days. Not only did they take care of our father, they were very attentive to the needs of our mother. This was so important to us. She left home on March 23 rd and did not leave the hospital until he was discharged. Every week we could see improvement. Within just a few weeks he was off of the ventilator, then the trachea was removed. We were watching a miracle happen before our eyes. He's gone from being unresponsive to sitting up, to standing and now walking, talking and eating. We are so thankful that God led us to Franklin County Memorial Hospital. Franklin County Memorial Hospital gave us back our father. It's such a joy to hear his quick witted responses, watch him walk and be able to sit down and share a meal with him. We are forever thankful to each one that played a part in our father's recovery. Thank you Franklin County Memorial Hospital. Children and Wife of David Goodwin

hunting accident

Dear Franklin County Memorial Hospital: In November 2015, my seventy-eight year old father had a hunting accident that led to a lengthy hospital stay until late January 2016. The first two hospital stays were some of the hardest days my family has ever experienced. The uncertainty of my father's prognosis as well as his mental state during those months was excruciating. At one point, we were informed that he only had days to live and another time he coded overnight and our family was not informed until the following morning when my mother arrived to spend the day with him. Spending each day with my father at one of the facilities was the only way we had piece of mind knowing that he was receiving a minimum level of care. To say we were dissatisfied with our experience there would be a gross understatement. Our experience at Franklin County Memorial Hospital could not have been any different. With our previous hospitalizations, I hope one would understand our apprehension at moving my father to yet another facility. We consulted with hospital social workers and talked to several friends who had previously utilized the services of FCMH. Franklin County Memorial Hospital's Swing Bed Unit has an excellent reputation. After our two and a half month stay, I can certainly see why! From the moment my father was admitted, I could tell a difference. Each and every person from the CNA, respiratory therapist, nurse and housekeeper who entered his room, introduced themselves and explained everything they were doing and why. Truthfully, I had witnessed my father have a breathing treatment many times, but this time was different. The therapist addressed my father directly and as he administered the breathing treatment, he told my father, step- by-step, what was happening. I found this to be common practice by the entire staff at FCMH. It was such a refreshing change. We quickly found that it was not necessary for us to stay with my father as we had before. There was a complete sense of comfort and security that the staff at FCMH provided that was a welcome relief.' From the therapists, doctors and nurses to the janitorial and cafeteria staff, our entire family was treated with such professionalism, love and care that I have told anyone who will listen about the wonderful experience we had at FCMH. Not only was our stay there comfortable, but it was an absolute success as far as my father's health and mental state. That was, while a huge relief and absolute blessing, an added-bonus to our experience there, He was successfully weaned from a ventilator after being on it for over two and half months. He took his first steps since November 27 while there in early February. I heard his voice for the first time as well as his endearing sense of humor that I had so desperately missed. To be quite honest, I feel like Franklin County Memorial Hospital gave me my dad back while providing a safe, caring and comfortable environment for my family. While I had shed tears leaving my father at other medical facilities, every time I left FCMH, I felt completely comfortable about the level of care and concern provided. That is priceless, There are not enough words to thank each and everyone at FCMH who came in contact with our family during our time there. And there are too many instances of quality care and genuine concern to name. We are grateful for his progress and attribute so much of it to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! ~ Jolyn Stone

Thanks for Everything

o whom it may concern: We have no complaint about Franklin County Memorial Hospital in Meadville, Ms. Wayne came in on March 29, 2016 from Hattiesburg, Ms. The Hattiesburg Hospital was a fine place, they took care of Wayne and was good about bringing him to Meadville. The staff at Franklin County Memorial Hospital came to us with open arms and a big heart to do the best in all ways to give Wayne the best attention. Ya’ll have brought him back from near death to make him well, strong, a better person and better attitude about himself and life. Thanks all of you in Meadville for all you have done from day one till Wyane leaves here. God Bless all of you in all you do each day and to all the patients that come and go through this Hospital ya’ll are No. 1. We will always be grateful to ya’ll and the service you give to the patients and their families. Thank you so much for being good to me and seeing I got such good food each time I wanted it. I’ll never be able to thank all of you enough for all the kindness you have shown to me and Wayne Moak. God Bless ya’ll in all you do and our prayers will always be for all of you as you go about your duties and jobs each day. May the Lord bless all of you and give you strength and health to stay strong in all you do. Thanks for everything!!God Bless you all Georgia and Wayne Moak


It has been a blessing, the Lord my heavenly father has brought me a long way and I thank him for healing my wounds and my body. I’ve been here 50 days, half of the 100 days that was given to me, not including the days I did at Forrest General Hospital, December 4- January 25th. It has been a long fight and a long journey “But God” will never forsake us. You have to stay prayed up, trust in the Lord and keep the Faith which is the size of a mustard seed with patience and a good attitude toward the staff. I want to thank Franklin County Memorial Hospital and staff for all the love and hospitality and it is like Family at that facility. “AMEN” Donaven “Spanky” Pittman


My husband John. H. Rhoden went to be with our Lord on June 8, 2015. Thanks to you my beloved got to be, as he thought, HOME. I can’t thank you enough for your overly kind gesture, of your hospital paying for his ambulance ride to Laurel. NO one in the world would care about their patients the way your hospital does. God Bless YOU! My husband arrived at FCMH on May 1st. We were treated like royalty. I hate to say this but, I felt like I was on vacation. Laying around, watching DVD’s and TV all day and having all my delicious meals cooked and I didn’t have to wash the dishes. I could have coffee and tea anytime of the day, or a nice shower and be able to wash my clothes. It was great! My friends got so tired of me telling them about this, it came across as bragging! Your nurses were so kind and helpful. I should have written their names down, because we did have our favorites; one is Amanda. The CAN’s always cheered him up with their comments; one was Angel. He loved the Physical; Justine was one and the Occupational and Speech therapists, they were such great cheer leaders with great personalities. The respiratory nurses, were always kind, polite and caring. We h ad our favorites there too; among them Vickie and Billy. We just praise God for Daniel for approving John to come there. A real God send! We just felt like we were among family at Franklin. They did the little things to help us make it through our rough days. One morning while I was walking, a Physical therapist stopped by with her kids in the car on their way to day care; so that I could see them. They told me stories of their families. Dr. Estes was wonderful too. The doctor (I can’t remember his name either) that gave me the key to the Methodist Church’s parsonage to use, whenever I needed a break. That was a God send also. I know I must be one of God’s favorites!! The activity lady, having his hair cut and giving him a shave after (4) months. This made my husband feel so much better. He just felt so loved there. I just can’t forget your precious receptionist. The first sweet face you see when you come in the front door. She was so helpful to me. She just made my day. “God is Good!!!” Thank you so very much!!! Because of the caring and friendly people there, after only the first week there, my husband told me to look around the house for sale there in Meadville. He said we could sell our house in Laurel, to our son and move there. The Town was small, we could walk anywhere we needed to go. The people were so nice and friendly, he’d already met the Baptist minister, and he knew Jim and Becky Nix, his friends from Laurel years ago. He said that was the way his home town of Columbia was when he was growing up and he loved it. FCMH was truly a God send and I cried when we had to leave you. I wish I had plenty of money where I was able to donate, I would surely remember FCMH!!! God Bless FCMH!!! Cynthia Rhoden


I would like to take this moment of time to let everyone know at the Franklin Co. Memorial Hospital, know how much we appreciate the wonderful service we got in our stay. We can never thank you all enough for your service. We will recommend you all to anyone we can. Thanks again for the wonderful friendship and everything you did for us; we’ll never forget it love every one of you all. – -The R.C Pitts family

Not your average Thank You

This is not an average thank-you note because Jack Dowe was not an average man, and y’all are not an average staff at an average hospital. I will never forget the many kindnesses, large and small, that you showed my father and me during our time at Franklin County Memorial. Having lost not just a father, but my lifelong best friend, I am in agony of spirit, so please forgive me if I inadvertently omit somebody in my thank-you list. Terri – for washing and combing Daddy’s hair Veronica – for bringing us music and good cheer Case – for excellent care and silencing beeping machines in the night Lottie – for gentleness getting those vitals Angel – for helping me adjust that awful chair so I could sleep a little Vickie, Cheyenne, and Anita – for helping both of us breathe easier Gwen – for sharing faith Joanne – for keeping us keeping on Audrey – for your sense of humor Jonette – for comfort (and showing me the shower room!) Creesie – for reminding me about style Jody and Jasmine – for the bathing and the caring and the jive Ayeshia, Ashley, tequila The Teresas – what is it about that name? STRENGTH Sherry + everybody in the cafeteria – for keeping me fed! As Daddy would say, “God bless you in a great and might way.” -The Dowes

Thanks to all

Thanks to all the staff for the great care you gave me while I visited Franklin Memorial. Thank you Dr. Yarbrough for letting me get home as soon as I could and knowing just what I needed. A special thanks to Mike my partner at night, could not have made it without you. All of the nurses and respiratory therapists were wonderful (Still blowing in that contraption). I also want to thank my sweet daughter-in-law for all you do. Teresa you and all the people who work at the hospital are our heroes. - E.a. McKinney

Take a bow FCMH

I am still trying to find words that can express how overjoyed my mom and I are to have had the experience we had at FCMH. Knowledgeable, caring, professional, concerned, and motivated are just a few of the words I’ve been able to come up with thus far. This facility was concerned about my mom’s health and eager to make sure they did whatever they could to provide us with outstanding medical services as well as making our stay as comfortable as possible. I wish that every medical facility could come to FCMH to see how it’s supposed to be done. We will be forever grateful. Take a bow Franklin County Memorial Hospital, you’ve earned it. ~Nardaka and Beverly

I thank God for all of YOu

I was in a rehab facility in Jackson, MS when Mr. Delozier came by to see me. He gave me information about Franklin County Memorial Hospital. Everyone that I asked said it was a very good place to get off the vent. I came down and the staff was very helpful. Vicky and Jerry kept my spirits up and knew the right things to say to me during the final days. There were some special people who were always there for me on the days they worked. Robin was the best nurse! I give special thanks to Martha, Kim, Terry, Kiota, Kat, Amber, Candace, as well as the Respiratory and Physical Therapy departments! I thank God for all of you! You gave me back my life! ~Carolyn

It's not just a hospital, it's a Family!!

I had shoulder surgery on March 4, 2013; a day a night I won’t ever forget. I could not lift a plastic tool box as high as my chest anymore. I had never had any type of surgery in my life. The folks at in Physical Therapy helped me get setup with the appointment; they reassured me it would be fine, and that when it was over they would take great care of me. I had the choice of doing therapy in my hometown, or drive 45 miles to be here. I chose to be here at Franklin County Memorial Hospital. Mickey, Jay, Lindsey, Joey and all the people here made me glad I chose Franklin County. They treat each patient with respect, dignity, but also a large dose of compassion. They have a tough job coaxing someone to move a body part that they know will hurt. They brought me through a tough time and saw me through to the end. For that I want to say Thank You to Mickey Goff and all those who had a hand in it. I recommend Franklin County Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy to anyone who asks. It’s not just a hospital, it’s a Family!!! ~ Michael

Small Hospital with the Big Heart

Just want you all to know how much I appreciate everything you all did for my dad and I. I will never forget this small hospital with the BIG heart. This was a very difficult time for me; I was alone and the entire staff supported me, lifting me up in prayer and giving me the courage to help my dad during his transition. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you! ~ Marilyn